ReplaceSysBat W/Power On Avaya Partner ACS

Are you getting this message on your Avaya Partner Phone Display?

Is your phone Displays ReplaceSysBat W/Power On Avaya Partner ACS

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you’re receiving this message – It is highly likely your system has LOST Programming or could lose program as the result of power failure.  ( Tech recommend) 

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Do not remove the processor module before replacing the batteries! If you do, all settings for system and telephone programming revert to the factory settings. If you have a Backup/Restore PC card, do a back up before changing the batteries. Be sure to ground yourself before attempting to change the batteries.  You leave the power on during this process.  Ensuer you do not short the cards, or spike the system during this process.



Follow these steps to insert the batteries:

1. Locate the battery compartment at the bottom of the PARTNER ACS processor module, below the extension jacks.
2. Push gently on the battery icon (the locking latch) and slide the battery icon up to cover the plus icon; this unlocks the battery assembly.
3. Remove the battery assembly by gently pulling the tab at the bottom of the battery compartment cover. Take care not to pull the module away from the carrier.

4. Use a small flashlight to look in the battery compartment. If there is noticeable residue on the battery contacts use the end of a new pencil to carefully clean the contacts. Also inspect and clean the battery cartridge.

5. Insert two new AAA-size standard alkaline batteries into the metal battery clips by pushing them straight in, placing the negative (-) end of one battery into the bottom clip and the positive (+) end of the other battery into the top clip.

6. With the locking latch in the unlocked position (battery icon and “minus” icon visible), slide the battery assembly into the processor module along the battery guides on the inside of the battery compartment. Push the battery assembly in far enough that the edges of the assembly slip behind the plastic housing of the processor module.

7. Pressing lightly on the battery icon on the front of the battery assembly, slide the locking latch downward to secure the assembly in place. The “plus” icon and the battery icon should now be visible on the front of the battery assembly.

8. When the batteries have been replaced, verify the battery alarm message at extension 10 and 11 has cleared, ensuring the batteries have been properly installed.

9. If the alarm is still present verify the battery contacts are clean and batteries are good and installed correctly, using a pencil eraser on the contacts will clean and corrosion. If the alarm cannot be cleared a technician will need to be dispatched to replace the processor module.

The following are the part numbers for the different Partner ACS Processors.

Partner ACS release 1: 107759375
Partner ACS release 1.1: 108080920
Partner ACS release 3: 108357468
Partner ACS release 4: 108524141
Partner ACS release 5: 700191307
Partner ACS release 6: 700216054
Partner ACS release 7: 700376474
Partner ACS release 8: 700469687

Partner Endeavor release 1: 108233271
Partner Endeavor release 2: 108465626
Partner Endeavor release 3: 108524133

If the system has already lost the programming a restore of the programming can be done. Refer to article

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